Q:  What is diamond-cut jewelry?

A:  Jewelry cut with small notches into the piece and then given a high polish for more sparkle and reflection. Usually good for thinner chains but can get caught onto clothing.


Q:  What is the right sizing for me?

A:  Please see the individual pages of the item you're interested in for more information on sizing selection and picture references.


Q:  Do you offer repair, resizing or customization services?

A:  At this time, we do not however we are developing to offer that in the near future.  Please subscribe to our email newsletter for updates.


Q:  Are your product solid gold?

A:  All of our fine jewelry products are 14k Gold (solid and hollow) or higher quality.  We do not sell Gold Plated, Gold Filled or Vermeil.  Some items we carry are designed hollow to keep the weight to a minimum for dainty jewelry, but the quality of gold used in those items are still 14k Gold or higher.  See item description for specifics.


Q:  What is Gold Plated, Gold Filled and/or Vermeil?

A:  Please see Fine Jewelry 101 page for information.  


Q:  What is Rhodium Plated?

A:   A thin layer of plating (usually over White Gold) for added strength and luster.  Rhodium consists of Palladium and other metal alloys.




Q:  Can I go swimming with my jewelry?

A:  It is not recommended as long or frequent exposure to chlorine can cause the piece to dull, wear away and lead to corrosion.


Q:  How to clean my jewelry?

A:  Please see Fine Jewelry 101 page for information.